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It’s finally happening, your buddy has decided to pop the question and no matter how desparately you try, you’ll never get him to change his mind. Gone are the long weekends of partying and chasing girls, the freedom to, on a whim, hop on a plane and land in some far away tropical paradise with friendly locals and a great exchange rate.

But you have one more chance because, in their infinite wisdom, our forefathers built into the tradition of marriage a little something called a bachelor party. The final night out, the last hurrah, the night before the day of reckoning. What will you do to make sure that this bachelor party goes down in history?

There are a few big decisions to make and a thousand little ones.

You've already figured out who's coming. Its time to figure out where you are going to go? If you want to see what happens at a bachelor party in Vegas, you can go to the movies and lets face it, you're not going to Bangkok. So what's left? New York City? You've been there and done that. Miami... is for chicks. Mexico is, well, it's Mexico and drinking the water isn't the only thing that will kill you. Where can you find a tropical location that's safe, just a five hour flight from southern US States with enough beach, babes and booze to go around?

When you land, your full-time concierge is there to great you, you get a local cell phone, pre-programmed with his number, and the numbers of local restaurants and attractions. There is no guess work involved, we can plan your days on the water soaking up the sun and your nights in downtown Jaco Beach soaking up the vibrant nightlife. Or we can step back and let you discover your own adventure in and around the beautiful country Costa Rica.

So, now that you're here, what are you going to do? Imagine the possibilities; beaches, booze, babes and your boys. Sun-drenched Latin women in thongs and not much else. Sport fishing in the Pacific for Swordfish and Marlin and eating your own fresh catch, prepared by an American-trained executive chef or local sashimi master at an oceanfront table that evening. We spend the time taking care of the logistics so you can focus on the number one reason you came here in the first place, to party.

Nobody wants to wake up with a hangover and try to figure out how you're going to get 15 guys to the surf spot, or the harbor to catch your boat. First of all we know exactly how you feel, We have a specially designed "hangover" breakfast menu and enough Gatorade and hangover patches to get you guys moving again. We are here to simplify your travel plans; if the surf isn't up and you change your mind, no problem, we have relationships with the best sport fishing captains in town, a fleet of all terrain vehicles to take you where the roads don't even go and the flexibility to ensure you're always doing exactly what you want to be doing and not doing something out of a pre-paid obligation.

All you need to do is get on the plane and point the pilot to Costa Rica. We have, quite literally, everything else covered, from picking you up at the airport to getting you where you want to be when you want to be there. Our entire crew is dedicated to making your experience exciting, personal, unforgettable but, most of all, a success.

Shep Vancouver
Top Knotch Service
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This comapny makes
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BEST V.I.P. Hosting
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